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About Me

I haven't been active around here for a long time... I'm still bisexual, though. No need to worry about that!


 Alais: Youjo

Age group: Late 20's

I'm currently a domestic traveler in the USA. I'm probably going to be doing this for a long time.

I have my travel site, if you want to follow my adventures!

I still draw and NOW I write. I don't put my art stuff only so much these days. I don't know if I'll be adding any of my writing here.

I have myself very spread out online, so I say all I have to say on other platforms. There's nothing to explain about myself in the interest of this site.


Latest Art Submissions

Blog: Minneapolis to Tucson! 2016

Boston has been left behind since the end on March, and now I'm in Minneapolis until Fall. Tucson for fall and winter, and Seattle and Portland for  Spring and Summer next year! 

I was offered a job and a place to stay in Boston but that fell through due to some stupid things. It's better that I didn't stay because things went on that I disagree with. 

Minneapolis is good times with good people! I know I'm much better off here, and I'll keep moving forward! 

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